Sunday, 11 March 2012

Through ART

Every artist has some kind of message. And surely that is how they will individually change the world. In maybe only a small way, but in a way. With their opinions, hopes, dreams, passion and fears driving that story, that performance.

Art brings people together. A community op people bonded together, by something beautiful. Something natural and something that one or many individuals have been inspired to create.

Maybe art is the way we transport ourselves to a different world. Our escapism - if we allow ourselves to feel the fear,and embrace all emotions.

Nothing is unique - There is always a starting point or idea that you take from intentionally or unintentionally from another source. You draw from it what you choose, and with your unique perception and ideas, you ultimately create something that's been remixed; there are only so many words,so many notes, so many movements. Its all about how you choose to put them together.

I think that 'belief' is vital. In what ever you do. You must believe in what you're creating for others to do the same. With a community of artists together. Surely they can make a difference. And individually too. No matter: your talent, your skill, passion. Everyone can create, inspire and be an artist.

Let the change start now!


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