Monday, 20 February 2012

Change and Endings

If only one could see it as the start of something new and exciting, then the process would be far less intimidating.

Its only because it is the unknown, that it scares us. For we fear what is come will be worse then what you have at present. Whether that be a job, a home, or a person. At a certain point before the 'deadline' it suddenly hits, that violent drop in the pit of your stomach. When dread and fear hit home.

All that is good flashes before your eyes, and you realise things are about to take a new direction. Regardless if you are ready and willing or not.

We build attachments to things, places and people, to create stability and somewhere safe. We want to feel loved and cared for, so when one is aware that they are at risk to lose one or all of those things that they hold dear to your heart, it is only natural , surely to have some reservations.

Why then if we realise it is natural to feel like this do we fight it and fight change, when regardless it will happen?

Is it healthy to build barriers to protect yourself? So you no longer feel vulnerable to these happenings.
And why can some deal with change better than others? Is it anything to do with  childhood and the way we were brought up? Is it anything to do with the amount of change that occurred throughout one's life? And what is the preference, surely if one has a lot, would you learn to accept it as part of life, and get used to it? But then if you never experienced it, and then some massive change occurred, how is one meant to deal with something that has never really happened before. Obviously there are many alternatives to these scenarios, but these two contrasting points are the ones that have got me thinking...

So why can we not then adjust, accept and embrace change? Surely it would be the healthiest thing to do! Though there has always been something about change, for what ever reason, I strongly dislike.

Mind you, on the other hand, there are many things about the world that I would love to see change. I guess what I must learn is: Things will change no matter what. For things to improve, things must change. So how can it be unnatural or negative when potentially greatness can come from it?


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