Friday, 17 February 2012

Human Perception.

I find it interesting that one views the world differently when they are for example intoxicated with alcohol and when they are not! And therefore their perceptions of people and the world, and their actions differ too! I watched countless people acting extremely out of character - People seem to lose all inhibitions, and act differently to normal and to what is considered 'allowed' in today's society....My mind wondered to to this last night. As I unintentionally carried out a social experiment.

During this time, I did my best to remain focused on having a good time, and to enjoy the evening. But at times I found it difficult because I was drawn to particular things, like the Lighting for example, and the way it makes you feel.. People create things to alter your perception, so you react differently! In this case, they want to heighten you experience and create some form of illusion.

To further my topic, I also took into consideration, the appearance of others, and who people dress for!
Whilst getting ready, my friend and I struggled to find something to wear. More so me at the start but once I was dressed, I was pretty contented. Even though I felt slightly different, I was wearing more make-up than normal and an outfit that wasn't my usual attire. But I still felt like ME in a very different way. I felt confident, something I rarely feel and ready to take on the world...what ever that means?!!?

I suppose my real question is, Why do we act differently in different situations and think its acceptable to react   differently when drink is in the equation?! My main experience of drinking is to either Celebrate or the complete opposite Drown your sorrows... why can't we find that balance? In every sense of the word....


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