Monday, 13 February 2012

when the tele speaks

Now today's topic isn't exactly the most uplifting, but it was something that caught my attention today.

I was sitting watching television, now over the last couple of weeks I have lost interest in tele, so for a soap to catch my attention was quite something. Now during this episode, a daughter had to decide whether to turn her mother's life support machine off, as she has no chance of recovery. A hard decision, that I'm not sure I would be able to make....But this isn't really my point.

My point is, what really matters in the end? How does someone remember another?  Has everything that person done in their existence been wiped, because ultimately does it really matter in the end? When all is said and done!
Do you finally admit to yourself how much you care for that human, and do you view that person the same anymore?  Do you see their looks, or their mistakes, or do you see the happiness they gave you?!

Even when someone passes we are thinking and answering questions. If all they have done in their life, no longer matters when their gone. Surely then it shouldn't matter when they are alive! It makes me realise how much we should care for people and that we should make sure they no how much we do! ( I am becoming soppy but..) I just want people to be aware!

I guess today has also taught and shown me, that you can find inspiration in anything and everything. Sometimes you've just got to stop searching and trying so hard... Yes Jade start listening.

particular scenes were my inspiration:


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