Friday, 10 February 2012

illuminate the way

So it appears I can no longer takes photos...

I was lacking inspiration - and I still am!
Anyway when this happens, i like to take my camera out and snap. Though what was captured wasn't exactly what I intended. After tones of time spend out in the cold and snow, I took dozens of standard photos, that I could happily sit and delete one after the other. However, maybe I was trying too hard to take a picture of the 'wrong' things.

On the way back home in the car ( I was a passenger of course -  and a great rarity ) The flash was going mental, and eventually I managed to capture whilst moving at the speed of light - the two images below. Not that I would normally think they were even good enough to show..but I'm trying to learn to be less of a control freak and become less of a perfectionist.
I figure if I allow myself to produce 'rubbish' I will start to create something 'good' eventually! Something that I will be happy with. Maybe?!

Fingers crossed anyway!

every colour illuminates

we are..blurring!


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  1. Insightful and exciting as always goose. My particular favourite are the captions... clever!
    The first picture is something I would hang on my wall... x