Saturday, 18 February 2012

To Blog?

It appears that I've been blogging for a few days in a row now, so i figured why not keep it up! But I've been thinking, I enjoy writing my blogs, but I feel that I must be inspired, it can not be forced. There are just times that I 'feel' like writing one. So surely forcing it when I'm not feeling it will not work. I'm scared that they will therefore become boring to read. Much like this one...because what am I trying to say? That I can't write until someone else has inspired me, and do I always require someone to inspire me, for me to ultimately do anything?

Is this just a pointless blog? Or am I making a point, from not a point. Can something be made from nothing? Can a   small idea therefore spiral off into a new found idea, that could possibly move onto something else, and therefore actually become interesting???

I think I have bored you enough, well that is if you have got this far....

I also wanted to add that since I started my new blog there have been a lot of '...' and a lot of questions. But is it too much  to ask for an audience to question what I'm questioning? Should anyone just except what they're told. Sorry this is leading off on a huge tangent. But maybe I'm questioning and my original question by doing this.... Anyway I will leave it here for today I think.


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