Saturday, 25 February 2012

hand writing

my 'new' hand writing

How much does hand writing say about a person? Does it define what sort of person you are?

Hand writing is something that cannot be taught. You can be shown the basics, but ultimately it is down to the individual to decide how they present their words. I myself never really thought about my writing. As long as I could read it, it was fine.
At school, my writing improved over the years like most people, I guess. And I always thought of it as neat an pretty nice. It wasn't until I asked a friend whether she liked it, and she responded that it looked like a school girls writing that I began to doubt my opinion. - This then made me think about the way I write and different peoples opinions....

However, recently ( ever since I started this new blog actually) my writing has changed! It has become a lot smaller and scribberly I guess. When I noticed this I presented a page of notes to the same friend that I had consulted previously... and she loved it! That much she asked me to write her something - so she could feel it! ( But I won't go into that, now)

And another peer, told me that she could imagine a whole life time story that went with it! Something along the  lines of:  A lodge in the countryside, with an old table and a fire... it goes on a little bit more, but I can't remember it.

My point is, I find it so amazing, how people can get so much from someone's hand writing. A whole story in fact!

Before I started to think about this topic more deeply, I just thought that it was good to have neat hand writing, but you were considered either lazy or intelligent ( Doctor ) or an Artist, if it was unreadable.

And how no two peoples are the same.., right?


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