Sunday, 19 February 2012

Understanding Perception

My last topic got me thinking, along with a piece by Robert Krulwich: Two Deaths and a beetle, talking about the poet: Janek Skarzynski, discussing how she viewed the world.  It then inspired me to pose these questions and thoughts:

We present different versions of ourselves to the world. But we leave it down to the people of the world to decide how to view and ultimately understand the presentation. And is that fair? All that pressure to Understand!!!

Life and experiences alter our perception along with how we view the world, and how we act. Just like everyone else. Deep down we are more similar than what meets the eye.

Everyday we are 'Performing' to an 'Audience', the people to whom we interact with. We choose how to present ourselves. But can we choose how we think and feel, by simply choosing too?!

You cannot make someone see things the same way as you do! Nor do we have the right to ask them too!

We dislike change, but that is what we are constantly strive for. Isn't it?

We leave questions for others to answer, because sometimes, alone we cannot, or choose not to answer them. Just like I do.

And how can we understand another, if we cannot understand ourselves? Or even expect others to understand us!

Life is full of unanswered questions. But should they really be, or need to be answered?
As children we constantly ask our parents 'Why?' 'But, why?'. As humans, we are never satisfied with ' just is'. We want answers and constant reassurance that we 'think the right way'.
But sometimes there are NO answers. And if everything in life was answered would there really be any point to anything any more? - Life is for discovering, is it not?

People and the World, really do inspire me. I really am a small dot on a page...


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