Saturday, 18 February 2012

Social Experiment

So today I am carrying out a little experiment and hopefully a semi successful one!

On Twitter an Facebook I will pose the question ' What do you care most about?'
My intention is to see how far I can reach out to people.

I'm hoping by the end of the day ( or..whenever.) to have a collection of thoughts, views etc. expressed in what ever way they feel reflects themselves. Whether that is through words or photos, or even a video log,  or be even more original than me if you want to! It doesn't have to be mind boggling. Or even take you more than five minutes. To be honest you would be doing me a favour by undergoing this 'task'. If you want to be credited please attach your name. I'm hoping that this can end up being part of my final piece at Uni, with your permission of course!

To be part of this, simply tweet me your answers on 'justjade_roo' or e-mail me on

I am extremely excited about the possibilities this could create, and more importantly what the people of Social Networking sites can come up with!

Come on Guys ( and Girls) inspire me!


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