Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just Jade

In the early hours of this morning, whilst trying to sleep, my mind wondered to something that I thought was worth jotting down for future purposes, and possibly worthy of blogging. So I reached for my notepad, that now lives permanently on my bed, my blue pen, and a very dim torch and wrote the following:

I address myself as 'Just Jade', to remove all labels that have been attached to me over the years. Be that 'small' for example or 'derrick'.
But the silly thing is, I am creating a new label for myself by doing so! And therefore creating a new issue that no one but me actually cares about.

Labels are just part of what makes us human right? We all have labels to distinguish who is who! We all want to be seen and accepted as ourselves, because we all strive to be different, don't we? We all want there to be change in the world, because we are so scared that we will become bored if things don't move on.

I consider myself a questioner and a thinker - and yet again new labels!!!

My point is, I want to be accepted and seen for just being me. But what if I don't even know who that is yet? Can I then expect others to work it out for themselves?


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