Friday, 24 February 2012

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Following on from my last blog... I was inspired by a photograph of Kylie Minogue from the magazine Stylist. Now it wasn't so much the person, it was what it represented to me! What does the photo say? The pose, body language etc.

I therefore photocopied the image in black and white and began to scribble words onto various areas as seen >
I then wrote about what I thought the image represented and how I could use it as inspiration for my latest little project.

This week coming up.. I am planning on letting my peers loose with some paints. Not to go crazy but to hopefully create something like this.

I want to photography people, like with the post about hands, - I'm thinking of broadening it!

There are so much you can say with a strong image, and words. So I must now spend the weekend re watching all the interviews, sifting through all the dialogue and picking the words that reflect my project and the people best.

Wish me luck,


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