Wednesday, 22 February 2012

think think think

maybe? but what is the message?
I wasn't too sure about what to blog today. I normally write about things that have been playing on my mind or inspired me! But today I guess what has been bothering me the most is how can I 'Make the better place'??? They say the best place to start is by changing something about one's self.  But I'm not sure how that is going to work. ..And how can I display this message effectively in a piece of performance?

I've spend hours researching, thinking and worrying. Trying to find inspiration.

I guess I've thought of using different elements. Personal words, maybe?! People are able to relate to them, right? But who really cares what I think? - But is that a good point?
inspirational quote

I'm also thinking of using black and white photographs. Images that I have taken. Conveying the message of: Seeing the world in black and white.  - But then what should the photos be of?

I want my whittle chair to be in there somewhere too, and I've been thinking of a piece of art that the audience  can add to and create on the day. Maybe with messages or opinions...
Ahhh... too many ideas that aren't solid enough! So annoying!!!

OK, I think a huge photo session is required! Let's hope this leads somewhere!


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