Saturday, 11 February 2012

Identity swap

So accidently i've created a litttle experiment. That has made me question the topic of identities, and how similar we are, yet how different. By wearing a jumper, can you become someone else?
person a or b?
can you tell them apart?
Do we really want our own identities? To be someone completely unique from everyone else! Or are we happy to repeat history and become like soldiers following orders, without thinking if that is what we want? Where, or is there a line between the two? Is there a middle ground with this topic? Is it alright to accept and copy things? Or should we try to create something altogether new? - Which is something I would say is pretty impossible...

I myself openly admit, that I don't enjoy the idea of someone coping me. I do tend to freak out or sulk, when someone is wearing the same top as me! Childish, yes! But why does it bother me so much?

However ( major contridiction coming up) at times, I like to be compared to others , and have similarities, as it makes me feel like I fit in. But isn't it human nature to copy?! There are only so many looks, ideas etc. that people can create. So maybe it is 'good' to copy, repeat, alter, change...then eventually it will become something different altogether...surely?

These are all questions, that I guess may not be able to be answered with a 'Yes or No'.

Above there are four images of two people, and two  jumpers. With one similarity - the hair! OH and the Surname. Being Sisters, usually comes with the bonus of having features that are the same. But surely it is annoying when one is always being compared to another. Never being 'allowed' to be themselves. But this is something that I guess we all must deal with.

Going back to my first statement/ question; Do we really want our own identities?
 - I'd say.;Yes but only to a certain degree. Us humans, like to feel that we have each others backs, so we will go along with things to keep the peace. Some are eccentric as its a way to express themselves, all we ultimately want is to fit in. But what is fit in? I guess its finding our place in the world. And through freedom of expression, how we dress... is a way to find that 'place'.


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